Hades™ Ti Blast Diverter NO MOUNT


After years of refinement and rigorous testing of our flagship line of fully welded suppressors, Torrent is proud to introduce our new Hades ™ Blast Diverter to compliment that line.  Because we want to promote modularity and provide alternative mounting solutions for customers using our existing industry-leading sound suppressor technology, these linear blast diverters are designed to be compatible with all industry-standard 1.375-24 TPI suppressor mounting options.

We use internal and external quality testing standards as well as quality control that sets the bar high for performance.  Combining our advanced technology with our lifetime guarantee ensures an heirloom quality product that’s sure to last for generations to come.

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Graphite Black

Thread Pitch

Compatible with all industry standard 1.375-24 tpi mounting systems


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Torrent is pleased to offer the Hades ™ Blast Diverter for utilitarian use as a blast shield NO MOUNT INCLUDED is compatible with all TDT -Direct Thread Mounts and Torrent QD Mounts & Hideout™ Muzzle devices when not shooting suppressed. The NON-NFA design allows the blast to be channeled forward thus directing virtually all of the blast blow-back away from the shooters and observers. It is designed to disrupt the gas flow and reduce vertical flash signature making a more pleasant shooting experience.  We have threaded our Hades ™ Blast Diverter for the industry standard 1.375-24 TPI  so you can use your favorite mounting system. Like all of our X series, the Hades ™ Blast Diverter is rated up to .300 win mag +9MM.