Booster Assembly for Handgun by Torrent®


Torrent® is proud to introduce the Pistol Booster Assembly for 9MM and 45 cal.  As a result of years of refinement and rigorous testing, our X-Series Suppressors are designed to take industry-standard 1.375″-24 TPI suppressor mounting options including our Torrent® Pistol Booster Assembly., Therefore we wanted to promote modularity and alternative mounting solutions to our customers using our existing applied industry-leading sound suppressor technology. This item requires a spanner wrench NOT included.

Additional information

Thread Pitch

½ x28, .578×28


Booster is for 9MM or 45cal one piston included.

Designed for the Orthrus® 9MM and 45cal Pistol Suppressors and versatile enough to be used on the X Series, T9K  to adapt for handgun use.

For 9MM & 45cal Carbine we recommend  QD Mount & Hideout ™ Muzzle Device Set


One piston is included additional pistons may be purchased separately.

Extra Piston Link

*This item requires a spanner wrench NOT included.