T3K Ti .30 Suppressor / TDT


After years of refinement and rigorous testing of our line of fully welded suppressors, Torrent® is proud to introduce our new line of modular suppressors.  Because we want to promote modularity and provide alternative mounting solutions for customers using our existing industry leading sound suppressor technology, these modular sound suppressors are designed to take industry standard 1.375″-24 TPI suppressor mounting options.

Torrent® suppressors are manufactured using a tubeless orbital robotic welded design. This fuses each baffle together for a lightweight, extremely strong suppressor.  We utilize internal and external quality testing standards as well as dB (decibel) sound pressure testing.  Combining our advanced technology with our lifetime guarantee ensures an heirloom quality product that’s sure to last for generations to come. 

Additional information

TDT- Direct Thread Mount.

1/2×28, 5/8×24



Great things come in small packages. That’s especially true for the T3K Ti .30 Cal suppressor. Because the T3K Ti is two inches shorter and less than half the weight of many full-size suppressors on the market, but our proprietary design has managed to get us over 20dB reduction.

Protect your ears and shoulders with a 60z suppressor that keeps your firearm below the hearing protection threshold of 140 dB!

INCLUDED:  TDT- Torrent Direct Thread Mount.